How much tax refund do New Zealanders get on average?

The amount of your New Zealand tax refund, if any, will be determined by your personal circumstances, and many people are pleasantly surprised by the amount of refund they receive. There is no way to calculate how much an average tax refund would be, as it varies so much between individuals. Some tax agents claim the average refund they claim for their clients is around $500 – a pleasant sur...

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Are we Paying Less or More Income Tax than 10 Years Ago?

Income tax is something we have to pay, and like Benjamin Franklin said, only two things are certain in life, taxes and death. We pay income tax on every dollar we earn and it comprises a part of every minute we work. Unfortunately, when it comes to New Zealand income tax rates, we only get a say every 4 years when we vote and even then our choices are made for us. So how do we fare compared...

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Are you paying more income tax than your parents 20 years ago?

How have the Global Financial Crisis, petrol price hikes, GST rise, and different parties leading New Zealand’s Government affected income taxes over the last 20 years? The tax-paying generation of the early 1990s included the Baby Boomers and ‘Generation X’. Twenty years on, their children, ‘Generation Y’, are now paying tax. A lot has happened in the world since then, including a global re...

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