10+ years of assisting Kiwis with their tax refunds

Salary and Wage Earners 2019+

Need help checking that your auto assessment is correct? Think your refund should be higher?
Got a tax bill? We can check if it is correct, and assess if it can be reduced, why the tax bill has occurred, and ways to stop future bills.
Flat fee of $25+GST

Additional Information Required

IRD are unable to complete your assessment due to additional information to be declared
We will check and discuss this with you, then obtain and declare the required information to IRD to ensure you are compliant and meeting your tax obligation needs

2015 - 2018 Tax Refunds

These refunds are available now, so apply to find out what you have owing from 2015 - 2018 tax years.
The new changes to our tax law are only applicable from the 2019 tax year onwards.
Refunds prior to 2015? Amendments to refund provisions for back years allowing for previously time barred refunds to be paid out. Get us to check this out for you.

Donation Rebates

Flat fee of only $30* per donation return
Donations are filed separately from your tax return. Don't miss out on claiming back your 33% on donation payments between 2015 and 2019.
These include donations to:
State run kindergartens
Tithing to churches
Charitable donations
Just need to provide a copy of your receipt (we can help you obtain this).

Schedular Income 2020+

Schedular income is reportable income and you will be issued with an 'Auto Assessment - More information required' notice as additional information (e.g. schedular expense) needs to be included. My Refund can work through this process for you and maximise your tax return.

IR3 Customers

Have you permanently departed New Zealand?
Have you arrived in New Zealand?
Have you received additional income such as Rental, Self-Employment, or Income Without Tax?
Have you received income without tax deducted?
Need to file Non-Resident tax returns?

Communication with IRD

Take away the hassle of long hold times, being transferred between departments, waiting weeks for an email response. Make us your first point of call for all your taxation queries. We can also update your details with IRD on your behalf as required.

Working for Families

Payments are based on estimated earnings, some family situations are complex and we want to help ensure your family details are updated correctly so you are receiving your maximum entitlements.

General Tax Queries

The tax system can be complicated and confusing at times. From ensuring your tax codes are correct through to understanding law changes.
* Fees exclude GST - view all fees
* Fees exclude GST - view all fees


When can I apply for my 2021 tax refund?

You can apply now for your 2021 tax refund.

2021 tax year: 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021.

Income confirmation for 2021 are expected to be sent to clients emails in May 2021

Upon receipt of confirming My Refund will be able to continue processing your tax return

While you wait for your 2018 tax refund, we can reassess your 2017 – 2020 tax refund entitlements to ensure you have received your maximum tax refunds.

What is Acceptable Photo ID?

You can enter your licence details on your application and we will verify this information electronically through a third party authentication service (Veda NZ). This is the quickest form of ID to use to keep your application moving for your tax refund.

Drivers Licence details required:

  • Licence Number (5a)
  • Licence Version (5b)
  • Exact names as they appear on your licence

Photo identification other than a NZ drivers licence requires you to send in a clear colour copy and a signed Identification Verification Form

  • NZ Passport
  • NZ 18+ Card
  • Overseas Passport & Visa
  • Firearms/Dealers Licence
  • International Drivers Permit
Why did my friend get a refund and I didn't?

Every individual has an unique tax situation. Working 1 extra hour in a week, an unpaid day off or changing jobs can change your tax situation.

Answering the questions about your income for the past 5 years in your application assists in the determination of your current tax situation.

Various factors that can affect an individuals tax situation are:

  • Worked part of the year
  • Received a lump sum payment (such as a bonus)
  • Has more than one employer
  • Have expenses to claim
  • Tax credit entitlements
  • Working for Families entitlement
  • Using the incorrect tax code
  • Self-employed, rental or untaxed income
  • Low prescribed investor rate
Our family receives Working For Families payments. Can I get a tax refund?

Yes you can apply for a tax refund.

Working for Families is delivered by Work and Income or Inland Revenue. A tax credit paid to many thousands of New Zealand families to makes it easier to work and raise a family.

While Working for Families is separate to your taxable income, the payments you receive throughout the tax year is based on an estimated total family income you have provided to either Work and Income or Inland Revenue. If your family or income situation changes during the tax year, inform your working for families provider immediately.

At the end of the tax year...

To process your income tax refund, a 'square up' calculation with your actual total family income is required to be completed on your working for families payments to determine if you have been overpaid or underpaid your working for families entitlement.

You may be requested to provide your working for families details for My Refund to be able to continue processing your application. Ready to supply them now? complete this form and send to My Refund

Can I claim on my donations?

YES! Donation must have been made in the last 4 years.

A donations return is a separate return from your income tax refund.

Donation tax credit criteria:

  • Greater than $5
  • Donation made to:
    • Approved donee organisation
    • School donations
    • Kindergarten donations
    • Approved NZ religious organisation
  • Valid receipt
    • Your name
    • Amount and date
    • Statement that it is a donation
    • Signature of authorised person
    • Name of donee organisation/school

Meet the criteria? Send your proof in now.

Get help in obtaining your donation receipts.

I haven't worked a full tax year, will I get a refund?

Yes, we can still file any available tax refunds for you even if you haven’t worked for the full tax year.

In fact, working part of the year can mean that you are more likely to have overpaid your tax and therefore have a refund. Apply here to find out.

My Refund will contact you if there is a period of missing income that will delay the process of your refund.

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