Salary and Wage Earners

You may be owed a Tax Refund

My Refund process income tax refunds for salary & wage earners.
We are registered tax agents with Inland Revenue.
We efficiently and promptly process tax refunds.

Our clients are New Zealand tax residents whose income are from salary and wages and may be unaware if they have a tax refund due to them. A huge number of our clients get tax refunds – that means there is a good chance that we will get a tax refund for you ... RISK FREE ... NO REFUND - NO FEE!

As your registered tax agent with Inland Revenue My Refund will be able to access your income details for the last five years and arrange for any Income tax refunds to be paid out.

Why use MY REFUND?

» We are experts at getting you the maximum tax refund from Inland Revenue.
» Most people pay more in tax than they have to. We will find out if you are entitled to a tax refund.
» Our service is quick and efficient. We are experienced at dealing with Inland Revenue and knowledge of how to maximize your tax refund.
» If you have no tax refund owing for any tax year, then our service is FREE. This is a RISK FREE opportunity for you to recover your overpaid taxes.
There is no upfront fee payable – the fee will be deducted from your tax refund and our low fee is 100% tax deductible. NO REFUND - NO FEE.

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