Latest phishing scam using Inland Revenue’s name

The latest phishing scam appearing to be from Inland Revenue asks people to save an attachment and open it using a browser.

This leads to a fake Inland Revenue form requesting confidential information, such as a password, credit card details, etc. We have taken down two of these fake sites, but there is a high possibility of others being created.

If you receive this email delete it immediately and make sure you don’t provide any details. If you receive this phishing scam, please let us know by emailing IRD at

This information could be used to:

commit identity theft charge your credit cards empty your bank accounts read your emails, and lock you out of your online account by changing your password. If you’ve provided any of your current passwords on a fake site, make sure you change these as soon as possible. If you’ve provided your bank account details make sure you contact your bank immediately.


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